Leading SE Glazing Contractor

The Facade People provide five star service from the moment they make the first contact with the potential candidate. Aidan was always available and always ready to provide the required information and facilitate negotiation between the potential employer and the candidate. He explained carefully the steps my potential employer takes so there are no surprises, he prepared me for the interview and then he followed up with me to make sure all points were cover. I found the job I was looking for thanks to the service provided by Aidan and The Facade People.

Assistant Project Manager - Leading SE Glazing Contractor

East Coast Façade Contractor

I am extremely pleased working with Aidan. He is very efficient, well connected and most importantly responsive. He knows his industry and can get you the right position in short time. He follows up with you all the time, even after you are hired! He makes sure that you are all set. Thank you for everything Aidan!

Project Engineer II - East Coast Façade Contractor

Canadian National Glazing Contractor

Aidan is very capable in what he does. I give him credit for the current employment that I have. I wouldn’t know about the position because it isn’t published anywhere. But because of his connections, he was able to inform me that there is potential job. He was able to connect me to the management, arrange an interview and the rest is history.

Trust him when you come across him and you’re still on the fence. In my case, my concerns about role in the company and compensation were all satisfactory as per what I wanted. He was able to talk to my employer and convey the message.

I highly recommend him if you are looking for employment. He will work for you like what he did for me.

Drafter Candidate - Canadian National Glazing Contractor

Major Façade USA Contractor

I have worked with Aidan through several successful candidate placements at M. Cohen and Sons. My experience with Aidan and Façade People has been absolutely fantastic. Aidan’s level of customer service, professionalism, and industry knowledge is exemplary. In addition to providing an incredible recruitment service, Aidan has been flexible and responsive in the recruiting process, working with us to ensure that all needs are communicated and met on both the candidate and employer’s side. Aidan has helped make the process of finding the exact right person for the role and organization into an enjoyable and fulfilling one for all involved!

HR Manager - Major Façade USA Contractor

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