Commercial Roofing,

Central Mid-Atlantic, $100k+



Job Description:

The Project Manager takes charge of projects bid by others and becomes invested in management of the jobs to ensure profitable completion of the project. They will interact with other personnel in the roofing department.


Responsibilities include:

  • Research building systems, manufacturers, distributors, and subcontractors to identify exact needs and pricing of the project requirements.
  • Compile a comprehensive scope of work and project plan to present to sr. management and field operations.
  • Work collaboratively with support staff to create an accurate submittal package and work with vendors to obtain the required construction elements.
  • Coordinate with field superintendents to communicate the vision and specifications.



Work Environment:

We are currently work in place; no remote work is available for this position.


Job Requirements include:

  • Broad knowledge of commercial roofing.
  • Experience in commercial project management.
  • Management skills to direct others.
  • Extremely strong communication skills.
  • Skills in computer programs and functions.
  • Familiarity with construction office operations and integration between field, project management, and administrative dynamics.
  • Ability to work with a variety of people at different levels, communicate effectively, and see tasks and projects through completion.
  • Ability to troubleshoot problems and maintain a professional approach.
  • Approach work with a sense of urgency that demonstrates respect for the employer, the client, and others.


We have a reputation for treating employees well and respectfully.  We’d like to add somebody to the team to help us grow and make us better.

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